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early morning photography…

I am really taken with early morning photography and I’m challenging myself to do it more often.  There are numerous reasons to roll out of the bed early and get outside with your camera. It starts with morning light.  Consider this:  The atmosphere is fresh and clear — as opposed to the atmosphere that has […]

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A sky without clouds is…well…boring.

This is one of those quirky situations where the photograph fails to do justice to the real thing.  We may think that a brilliant, cloudless day is perfect.  And it might be for many outdoor activities but landscape photography isn’t one of them.  Consider sunsets and sunrises — occasionally you will see a beautiful glow […]

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Timing is everthing…

A few tips to improve your night/cityscape photography… Making pictures at night in a city setting can produce some really interesting and impressive results. Night shots can be a riot of color and excitement or they can be…shall we say…common. I was very lucky in Rome a few years back to get this shot of […]

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