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I like surprises…

One of my habits (bad) is to download images to my computer, make a quick run through to see if I’ve suddenly become world famous, and then forget about them for a while.  Sometimes that “while” becomes years.   Such was the case recently when, looking for an example of a “busy” photograph for a […]

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I rarely use flash.

I guess the main reason is that I don’t do studio photography — where flash and other auxiliary lighting are necessary ingredients.  But, aside from that, I cannot understand why so many photographers automatically reach for the flash unit when they shoot inside or outside in poor light. My main reason for avoiding the use […]

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Street without people…

Street photography usually contains people.  But it doesn’t have to. If you believe — as I do — that street photography shows a situation (often humorous, sometimes poignant) rather than just a scene of a city street, then I think I can convince you that animals can be the subjects of street photography.  I’ll go […]

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