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On NOT getting the big picture…

In the past decade I’ve made an effort to avoid the postcard shot when traveling. I had that mindset when The Bride and I visited Paris a few years back.  The Eiffel Tower — if you haven’t been there — is a marvelous engineering achievement.  I’m an engineer and it is that aspect that impressed […]

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The Mental Side of Travel Photography

This will be my last blog posting for a while.  I’ll be traveling and making photographs for the next five weeks in England and Wales.  The equipment I’m taking is my standard kit but I’m taking some new Ideas.  I believe that these ideas will assure that I bring home higher quality images. Here are […]

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On Shooting Strangers…

This won’t be a treatise on the subject — nor will it be authoritative.  These are just some ideas and practices I’ve developed over the years.  And…I’ve yet to be attacked. Sometimes I have just felt compelled to make a total stranger’s portrait.  Beautiful, cute, full of character:  They almost command you to photograph them.  […]

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