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On photographing decay…What it is, why do it.

I’ll post two times on this subject.  This one will examine decay that is more natural — mother nature at work — while the second one will look into decay caused by what mankind does (or doesn’t do) to cause it.  That second posting will also examine the practice of photographing urban decay — the […]

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A sky without clouds is…well…boring.

This is one of those quirky situations where the photograph fails to do justice to the real thing.  We may think that a brilliant, cloudless day is perfect.  And it might be for many outdoor activities but landscape photography isn’t one of them.  Consider sunsets and sunrises — occasionally you will see a beautiful glow […]

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5 Ideas worth pursuing (not for weaklings)…

Not what you expect:  I promise. These are some ideas worth pursuing if you are interested in moving your photography forward.  And they are a little bit different — I didn’t want to include the normal list of “how to improve your photography” (i.e., use a tripod, read the manual, etc.) I don’t know where […]

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