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On being a “place detective”…

Did you ever notice that some photographers seem to find those unique, less known but remarkable landscapes?  Here’s a confession:  I didn’t “discover” the idyllic little scene you see below.  A few other people had made photos here and left sufficient information for me to track it down. I think that there are two steps […]

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early morning photography…

I am really taken with early morning photography and I’m challenging myself to do it more often.  There are numerous reasons to roll out of the bed early and get outside with your camera. It starts with morning light.  Consider this:  The atmosphere is fresh and clear — as opposed to the atmosphere that has […]

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More decay — by the hand of man.

This is the second of two postings on decay.  The first dealt with decay we see in the natural world.  You can read it HERE.  This posting looks at decay caused by man or by man’s neglect.  More specifically, Urban Exploration. It’s referred to, by practitioners, as UrbEx. and it means – in plain language […]

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