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Image Sharpness…

When I entered photography school a few years back the instructor reviewed my past collection of photography and made the observation that I seemed to have a good eye and good ideas but asked why all my images were soft. Well, the answer was, of course, that I didn’t know what I was doing. Since […]

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A year ago I made this statement in a published interview (It relates to the 4.4 billion users of cell phones that are equipped to make photographs): “Easy to use computer software has put creativity in the hands of every one of those picture makers.” A reader took exception. He thinks that “creativity” should be […]

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Shooting Cultures — The Specifics…

In January, 2014, I wrote a blog about shooting culture – an article in which I treated the subject generally; not very heavy on the specifics. The wrap-up was “..get into the subject’s life a little…” but I didn’t offer any advice on how to do that. (Now I realize that I’m getting dangerously close […]

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