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Independent Travel — Best for Photographers

The Bride and I were on the Island of Harris — Scotland — near Luskentyre (Losgaintir).  We’d been walking on the beach for an hour or so when we came upon a large net float that had washed up with the last tide.  It took me fifteen or twenty minutes to set up and wait […]

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Lest we forget…

The French village of Oradour-sur-Glane, France, was destroyed by the Nazis — and remains destroyed to this day.  On June 10, 1944, the 4th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment’s 1st Battalion, led by Adolf Diekmann, sealed off the commune, rounded up the citizens and murdered all but several who managed to escape.  In all, 196 men, […]

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On Sneaky Street Photography…

Here’s a (somewhat strange, probably) take on street photography.  The question comes up about whether a street photographer is allowed — by the street photographer’s code of ethics (whatever that is) — to sneak a photograph of the unsuspecting photographee.  Well, of course he is.  How else is the photographer going to capture that fleeting […]

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