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…but is it fine art?

I’ve got an acquaintance who claims to be a “fine art photographer”.  He’s no better photographer than I am so I say (quietly) to myself:  “There is no way that I would advertise myself as the producer of fine art photography.  Who does he think he is?” Fine art has always meant to me “…art […]

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Burma photography adventure…

The Bride and I traveled to Burma (now Myanmar) on counterfeit / black market visas.  More about that later.  We flew from Bangkok to Rangoon (Yangon), Burma, where we met a man holding up an envelope containing our air tickets from Rangoon to Heho — tickets for which we had paid before leaving Bangkok (clearly […]

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You would think that, given our amazingly complex brains, we would be able to see and process anything that the dumb camera can “see” and record.  Well, you would be wrong — mostly.  At least I think so. Here’s an example.  I froze the college softball catcher with an exposure made at 1/6400 of a […]

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