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Buzludzha — Travel to a strange place…

We’d been planning the trip to Bulgaria for some time and I was looking for potential photography sites when I came across an article on making images of urban decay.  The author (whose name escapes me) mentioned the Communist monument at Buzludzha and had one or two captivating photos as illustrations.  One look and I […]

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If I knew then what I know now…

(I’m about to write an entire blog post about poor photography.) I’ve been making pictures on and off since I was a kid.  My computer contains 54,155 images in 1,071 folders.  Several years ago I scanned in 7,000 slides that had accumulated over the years.  And, of course, I’ve saved the images I made since […]

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…before you leave home

  I don’t know a soul in England.  Not good situation if I plan to interact with photographers when the Bride and I travel to England this spring. But that will change.  Before we take our seats on the plane I will, at the very least, be a talking acquaintance with several photographers and I’ll […]

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