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Timing is everthing…

A few tips to improve your night/cityscape photography… Making pictures at night in a city setting can produce some really interesting and impressive results. Night shots can be a riot of color and excitement or they can be…shall we say…common. I was very lucky in Rome a few years back to get this shot of […]

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Falling in love and losing a friend…

Have you ever noticed that there is never any text accompanying an art photograph?  Apparently it’s bad taste in the world of art.  Well, friends, I am preparing to break the rules.  There is one very good reason (in my mind) to occasionally add words:  The photo has meaning to me and I want it […]

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On being adventurous with your photography…

There are several kinds of adventurous:  One is the type where you climb the sheer rock face of a cliff to photograph a rare fern.  The second is where you put yourself in some place or some situation which is out of your comfort zone.  The third may be asking a stranger if you can […]

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