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The Mental Side of Travel Photography

This will be my last blog posting for a while.  I’ll be traveling and making photographs for the next five weeks in England and Wales.  The equipment I’m taking is my standard kit but I’m taking some new Ideas.  I believe that these ideas will assure that I bring home higher quality images. Here are […]

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About feet…

The Bride said, “You are NOT going to write a blog about photographing feet.”  Yes, I am.  Partly because I want to show that you can have interesting photos about the mundane.  And partly because I think that feet (sometimes) tell — or at least hint at — a story.  And besides…it is a way […]

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5 ways to mess up a landscape photo shoot…

Good idea, poor execution. Here’s the idea:  Go to the tower on top of a very high mountain near my house and make a panorama of the sun rising in the east and panning around to the moon setting in the west.   This actually happens once a month (or at least comes close) — and […]

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