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I am really taken with early morning photography and I’m challenging myself to do it more often.  There are numerous reasons to roll out of the bed early and get outside with your camera.

It starts with morning light.  Consider this:  The atmosphere is fresh and clear — as opposed to the atmosphere that has been around all day getting warmed by the sun and filled with pollen and, possibly, pollution.  This has to make a difference in the light that has passed through it.

Stornaway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Stornaway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Does that mean that morning light is better?  Scientifically, I don’t know.  But subjectively and emotionally, Heck Yeah.  You may or may not agree with me but follow me here.  Morning light feels cleaner.  It looks and feels cooler.  Words fail me.  There is something about the morning light.  Maybe it is the newness – or the beginningness.  At any rate, the morning light seems to inspire clear, fresh images.  Creating images in the morning can be a spiritual experience.

But morning light is only one of the benefits of morning photography.

Another is that you have the venue to yourself.  I’m reminded of stories told by photographers who had to jockey for position among other photographers and their tripod legs to get a particular sunset picture at one of the national parks in the western United States.  But sunrise?  No problem.

And don’t forget that the beginning of the day holds venues and situations that are not present at any other time.  Consider vendors setting up shop in the town market.  Think soft landscapes in the early morning mist.  Envision the sparkles of a dew covered flower. Early morning is a beginning.  I try to keep this thought in mind as I decide whether to get up early and embrace the new day or to roll over and promise to embrace it tomorrow.

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Sam - Thank you, John. Great blog. I really need some motivation to get up int he morning early enough to get those shots in the unique atmosphere you describe. You have added some weight to that particular balance, I’m glad to say, with this lovely boat shot in Stornoway (not Stornaway – sorry, I’m a Scottish pedant).

skeeter - And I stand — no, sit — corrected. Either way, it’s a beautiful place. Thanks for your comment, Sam.

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